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Diet maintenance
Nutrition check – Diet maintenance

What to consider before choosing a food

Veterinary foods are adapted to the nutritional needs of each animal based on that animal's condition. They can help treat a specific health problem or maintain good health at each life stage. Many generic brands sold in grocery stores and pet shops offer products "for each life stage" that lack the key nutrients an animal needs to stay healthy.

The veterinary formulas we recommend have been subjected to in-depth researches to ensure their superior quality and long-term safety for pet health. The ingredients in these foods are of the highest quality and were selected for their nutrient intake levels. Nutrient surpluses such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, which can be dangerous in the long term, are avoided by using fixed recipes that do not vary with ingredient availability.

All manufacturers of veterinary foods adhere to very strict guidelines regarding the safety of their products for animals.

All the veterinary foods sold in our boutique are 100% guaranteed by their manufacturers, so sampling one is easy. You'll receive a refund if your pet refuses the food or if you're not satisfied with results.