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Halloween is arriving fast!!  Are you ready?  Are your animals also ready?  Security tips for children are given out all the time, but often we forget about our furry pets.

This special holiday can be very stressful for our cats and dogs.  They are not necessarily used to hearing the bell ring so often and can be scared of the children with their costumes.  Such a stress can trigger an unusual behaviour which could be dangerous.  It is preferable to keep our animals in a closed room to prevent them from jumping on the children or running away when we open the door.  Remember to have your animal’s identification tags on their collar in case they do end up escaping when the door opens.

If you decide to go out trick or treating with your dog, it is important to have the leash on and to make sure you have good control over your dog. The costumes, the decorations, the lighting and the different Halloween sounds can be very stressful for your companion. If you decide to disguise your pet, make sure the outfit is not too snug so as not to restrain his or her movements, vision, hearing, breathing and barking.  Try the outfit on your pet often before Halloween to make sure that it is well tolerated.  Not all animals like to be dressed up.

Most of all, it is very important to advise your children that chocolate and certain types of candy can be toxic and dangerous to the health of our four legged friends.  It is also important to know that candy wrappings are easily swallowed and can be harmful to your pet’s health.

Happy Halloween!